"I am 68 years old and have been working with Gilbran and the ABM NeuroMovement method for two years, starting when he was a student practitioner.  The sessions are gentle and subtle, but the results have been profound.  I walk, ski, hike, and garden for longer periods of time with greater ease since starting this work.   I asked Gilbran to see if he could help with shoulder pain that had plagued me for nearly eight years, flaring up several times a week with severe pain that lasted  hours.  It had not responded to ongoing chiropractic, acupuncture, or massage treatments.  After two sessions with Gilbran, my shoulder has been pain free for 9 months!  I LOVE this work!"                                                                                                                                                           Pat McQuown


"While having a discussion with a good friend, I was told about healing the body through Neuromovement. She referred me to Gilbran Chong. I made my first appointment seeking help to relieve pain in my shoulder. This health condition had been going on for a few years or more. The pain was then leading to a stiff shoulder and to do even a simple task as putting on a jacket and extending my arm was painful.

After a few visits of receiving treatment from Gilbran, I now have full range movement in my left arm. With each session, I continue to be guided to a new understanding of treatment through slow movement. I found Gilbran to be understanding and compassionate towards my ailment, not to mention that he was very kind."

Marylou Nozisko



"Gilbran is a gentle soul, very interested in helping his clients be the best they can be. He was happy to try new techniques to improve my brain/body connection, and discussed options with me. After each treatment I felt very calm and relaxed, and after 4 or 5 treatments began to notice that it was easier to stay on task and remember details of what I planned to do next.Treatments involve gentle, slow movements, and require that one tunes in to changes in the body and brain functioning post treatment for maximum effect. The treatments definitely brought increased awareness to my life."

Carol F



"I’m an active, older woman who had recently experienced some back pain. In addition to adapting my exercise regime to address specific issues, I experimented with Gilbran Chong’s lessons in Functional Synthesis. I am confident that Gilbran’s exquisitely sensitive teaching was a factor in myrecovery."

Martha P



"I started doing neuromovement with Gilbran, not sure of what it would be like. I always come out of a session feeling more flexible and steady on my feet.  My muscles are normally a little tighter than other people's.  I come out of a session and they feel looser, and I have a greater range of motion in my arms and legs.  I wish I lived closer so that I could see him more often."

Megan M


“In June 2016, Rocky, a 7 year-old Airedale Terrier, Canine Good Citizen and Service Animal, suffered a stroke-like event while hiking Sunshine Canyon in Boulder. He was diagnosed with an FCE (fibrocartilaginous embolism), which causes a blockage in his spinal cord. Rocky was suddenly paralyzed from the mid-back down and lost movement in both hind legs, and all feeling in his left hind leg. Rocky did an amazing job recovering, and got himself back on his feet in 6 days with sheer strength and will. There was still much work to do from there to restore his gait and agility, reminding his brain what his body could do, and Rocky went through a comprehensive physical therapy program. A big part of his recovery has been ABM neuromovement (Anat Baniel Method), which helped him make visible progress every week, particularly with the most affected leg. Rocky is now running free, and you’d never guess he was paralyzed just a few months ago. Gilbran Chong, Rocky’s ABM practitioner, was critical to Rocky’s recovery. Generous with his time and very professional, Gilbran’s approach to his practice is both caring and calming. His demeanor makes Gilbran uniquely gifted to help the most vulnerable of patients, particularly young children. We are grateful for the great care and results Gilbran helped Rocky achieve and help him live his best life.” - Lisa Christian