About Gilbran



My name is Gilbran Chong, and I am a certified ABM® NeuroMovement® practitioner.


One of the reasons I have dedicated my professional life to ABM is because it has personally transformed my life. I grew up in a wonderful home with loving parents, but I struggled with feeling shy and introverted. The truth is I was paralyzed by perfectionism, and it affected my ability to make friends, feel confident and succeed academically. What I didn’t understand at the time was that the way I thought about my struggles were rigid and self-limiting, and I didn’t know that transforming my self-limiting approach was possible. Through decades of personal development in music, yoga, martial arts and meditation, I learned much about healing my inner and outer life, but finding ABM was the most signification transformation of all. With ABM, I spontaneously began to see each challenge I faced with creativity and enjoyment, rather than fear and frustration. This means that I now experience life as endless possibility, no matter what I face.


And this is what I see transforming for special needs children every day in my work. Lifelong struggles become opportunities for learning and creativity that open the windows to an experience of endless possibilities. I see this in the parents too. After years of feeling beaten down by all the limitations they and their child face, suddenly a new possibility dawns and the future is completely different than the past.


This is why I am so passionate about serving children with special needs and their parents. I understand how devastating it is for children and their families to struggle through every single day. The love and sacrifice a parent makes for a special needs child is overwhelming, and ABM is the most powerful tool I’ve ever found to support transformation for both you and your child.